Why shopping is GOOD for you

Not many people need encouragement for shopping.. but in case you might need an excuse, here are some ideas answering the questions: "How is shopping good for you?"

If it gets you to move off the couch and on your feet, then it's reducing your chances for cardiovascular disease. Half an hour of shopping is enough to get your daily recommended exercise. Of course window shopping counts as well.

Lighten your mood
Spending money on something we like gives us a quite a positive cick. Shouldn't do it all the time, but occasional purchase is more than okay to spark your mood and keep up your mood.

Boost your confidence
Wearing clothes that feel good and fit good, instantly boost your confidence - inner and outer. Clothes that show off your best features and watch the compliments rolling in are the best ones to buy.

Perform better at work
Could you imagine that buying a new work wardrobe would help you take your job more seriously? Well, it does! It can even impact your concentration. Try putting on your brand new favourite power suit and demolish see how you demolish that business meeting!

Feel in Control
This is one is especially for people who normally make a shopping list. If you go shopping with purpose and you know what you need, it's more likely that you will feel equipped to handle certain situations by projecting potential outcomes.

There you have it. 6 reasons why it's is actually healthy for you!

Happy shopping!

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